The Technical Department of the GZ group has developed a patented construction system, the G.H.A.S system (Geohidrol Advanced System), which focuses mainly on solutions for two construction types of enclosure facades:
The self-supporting facade and the ventilated facade.
The main components of the GHAS are wall ties, Fisufor and the anchorages of stainless steel, the Geoanc components.
The anchors are dual motion, and are not rigid and thus allow some differential movement between the structure and the structural element in which it is based. The amount and distribution of anchors is determined by a specific analysis for each project (our technical department that does the calculations for each project).
In the G.H.A.S system all of the movements and forces at the structure are controlled.
The advantages of using G.H.A.S system are:

  • Guarantee of stability and no cracking by means of a calculation according to the technical code for construction and all European regulations (EUROCODE 6, EUROCODE 8)
  • Aesthetic improvement (no shaped marks on the edges)
  • Elimination of thermal bridges (continuous insulation)
  • Ability to have ventilated facades
  • Speed of execution
  • Does not need special ceramic pieces
  • Ease of implementation (does not need specialized personnel)
  • It is an economic system